Why Be A Bartender?

Need extra cash?

Like to go out every night and get paid?

Need a flexible schedule?

Want to work less hours but make more money?

Want to meet new and exciting people?

Want to be the life of the party?

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Bartending could be the answer! Bartending has always been considered a "recession-proof" career. People always feel the need to go out and socialize, whether it's to celebrate that new promotion, or to get "counseling" from their favorite bartender. This past year has been an eye opener for everyone. Can you believe all the jobs that were lost last year? Many people don't think about a second job until it's too late. The key is to get the training when you don't actually need it so you will always have something to fall back on.

Learning a new skill, especially bartending, is exciting! The San Antonio Bartending School offers different programs for your particular bartending needs. There are rarely set schedules for bartenders, flexibility is the norm. Bartenders typically work nights but there are day shifts available too. Taking advantage of our job placement program, we can find the right fit for you. The employers we work with are very specific as to what they are looking for. Our Job Placement Director will attempt to match you with potential employers.

As most people know bartenders work for tips. That means CASH every night you work. The hourly wage will vary by state, but tips are always what bartenders work for. In addition, many larger corporate establishments offer benefits after a short probationary period. These can include: discounted meals, discounted room rates, discounted golf, insurance, 401Ks, and the ability to transfer to different cities and even different states within the company.

Many of our graduates work at a couple different places to keep things interesting. For example: a nightclub 2 nights and a hotel 3 nights. Bartending also affords you the luxury of having a career you can do ANYWHERE in the world!

The San Antonio Bartending School has placed many of our graduates at these locations: www.sanantonioriverwalk.com and www.thesanantonioriverwalk.com.